about us

About us


Transforming the world through the power of manga

In a time when people are moving away from the printed word, the most powerful form of expression in online advertising is none other than Japan's proud medium of manga.
It is clear that users stay longer and are more likely to make inquiries with manga that make full use of impactful illustrations, compared to regular content consisting only of photos and text.
The strong appeal of manga is recognized not only in commercial advertisements but also in the field of recruitment.

We at EF have been pioneering this new marketing method of digital comic advertising since its early days.
Our extensive track record and expertise in designing optimal content for all types of industries and products is unrivaled by any other company.
Furthermore, our strength is that we can also provide one-stop online advertising management services to attract your target audience to your site.
With our one-of-a-kind arsenal, including manga and online marketing, we are able to provide solutions to all your problems.


The motto of our CEO, Tsuguto Yamada, is "Rush to live."
Based on the belief of providing solutions with an emphasis on speed and persistent follow-up that never gives up until results are achieved, we are making every effort to address our clients' business challenges.


As a supporter of the working-age population, we want to increase the engagement of workers throughout Japan.
This is our desire for our clients, employees, and society.


We are all passionate.
Simply put, this is EF's culture.
Let us introduce you to some of our highly individualistic members.