Tsuguto Yamada

A moment's arrogance becomes a lifelong regret. A moment's courage becomes a lifetime asset.

A moment's arrogance becomes a lifelong regret.
A moment's courage becomes a lifetime asset.

Tsuguto Yamada

Rush to live.

Unparalleled speed for your business.

"Rush to live." That is EF's corporate philosophy. Let me tell you a little about how I started this company, which led me to this philosophy.

My mother raised me by herself in Kobe. My father died when he was young, and my mother worked hard to raise my siblings and me. Although I was very young, I was aware of how poor we were, and even on my birthday, I would resist the urge to eat what I wanted to eat.

Eventually, at the age of 16, I started working on construction sites, sold futon mattresses door-to-door, and then jumped into the online industry. As a junior high school graduate, I worked desperately to learn about the Internet, broke sales records, and became the youngest person to hold an executive position at the company. I was 26 years old when I launched this company. I was determined to enjoy my life to the fullest when I reached the age of 25, the age my father was at when he passed away.

Human beings can leave this world at any time. In order to live a full life without regrets, we must rush to live in the now. I lost my father early in life, and I have always felt this way. This thought has carried over into EF's business.

In this era of change, time is more valuable than ever. A moment's hesitation can lead to missed opportunities forever. That is why I "Rush to live" in my proposals to our clients.

Our manga marketing is an innovative advertising method that offers a powerful differentiation from the competition. We can recommend our services with confidence because we know how effective they are. We don't care if people think we are conceited. We want to contribute to our client's success with an overwhelming sense of speed. That is my sincere belief.

Tsuguto Yamada

Go with customers.

We want to provide support to everyone
and bring passion back to this country.

Along with "Rush to live," there is another phrase that I hold dear to my heart. It is, "Whenever you engage in a major undertaking, people are always top priority." In reality, there is almost nothing I can actually do on my own. EF is only possible with the help of the employees who work with me and our clients.

That is why I try to treasure every one I interact with. I want to be a person who gives something before receiving something from others.

We can't say that our ads will be 100% effective. This is because we never lie. Instead, we promise to always do our best to assist you, no matter how small the business. We respond to every consultation with sincerity and persistently continue to make proposals until they lead to our client's success. We believe that many of our clients have been pleased with the high level of results we have achieved as a result of such honest efforts. We take pride in this mindset.

In the future, EF will continue to be an organization that focuses on "people" and the idea of "Rush to live". Eventually, we hope to become an organization that supports not only our clients and employees but also all workers who have come to know EF.

In Japan today, only 5 percent of employees are highly engaged in their work. Unfortunately, this figure is near the bottom of the list among major countries. My goal is to increase this percentage by 1 percent. Through EF's activities, I hope to bring back the "passion for work" that once existed in this country and to encourage more people to experience the joy of work.

It may be a big dream. You may think this mindset is overwhelming, but I'm serious. EF will continue to support the current generation as a new type of "athletic club system" that combines tremendous enthusiasm with modern flexibility.


Tsuguto Yamada

Tsuguto Yamada

In 2015, he joined an IT venture that provides website deveopment, SEO, and online marketing services to attract customers as a sales representative. He was the youngest person to hold the position of section manager. He received the Monthly MVP, Newcomer of the Year, Playing Manager Award, and Distinguished Achievement Award. He also set an all-time sales record.
After leaving the company in 2020, he founded EF. CO., LTD.