Mission Vision



Rush to live.

EF CEO Yamada's father passed away at the young age of 25. Since then, Yamada has been determined to "Rush to live" in order to accomplish a life without regrets. "Rush to live" has become the most important mission for EF.

To ensure that our clients do not miss out on any business opportunities, we make the best proposals with more speed than any other company and provide services in the shortest possible time. We follow up with our clients quickly and carefully, and work tenaciously with them until we achieve results. We will "Rush to live" as much as we can to ensure our clients' success.


A new type of "athletic club system" that provides support for the current generation

In Japan today, only 5% of working-age employees are fully engaged (passionate) in their work. We want to encourage not only EF employees and clients but also everyone who knows EF by practicing a passionate work style as a new type of "athletic club system" that combines passion and flexibility. Our goal is to increase work engagement in Japan by 1%.


Unleashing the desire for self-transcendence

"We believe that an altruistic spirit truly emerges beyond Maslow's five levels of needs, which are physiological, safety, social, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs.
That is why it is most important to satisfy one's own needs first.
For this reason, our goal is to have all of our employees earn 20-30 million yen a year.
This concept is the same for our clients.
We will do our utmost to realize the desires of clients who believe in our company and request our services.
Through these efforts, we believe a continuous cycle of altruism will be created centered around EF."


Leading the way to unleashing your true potential

In order to achieve our Mission and Vision, we treasure six values along with our Management Philosophy, "Rush to live".

  • Give and Give
  • Be a person who has aspirations and longs to be a person
  • Share the same destiny
  • Keep the arrow to yourself
  • Be the best you can be
  • Reveal yourself

Embodying these 6 Values, we aim for further growth while pursuing our EF-ness.